President, Rich Reynertson & VP, Marketing, Michelle McCabe

Last week, Cultura celebrated a win in the Corporate Identity category during the 2023 ‘Best of’ CAMA (Canadian Agri-Food Marketers Alliance) awards in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Delving deep into corporate identity has not only allowed Cultura to authentically share its unique narrative but has also reinforced its commitment to making a meaningful impact in the vital Agri-Food sector.

The company expressed gratitude to partners and leaders whose contributions were instrumental in shaping Cultura’s present and future. The full list of winners, including some Cultura customers, can be found here.

Cultura’s win in the Corporate Identity category reflects the industry-wide recognition of its efforts to carve a distinct and impactful identity in the Agri-Food technology landscape. Learn more about Cultura and its companies here.

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Michelle McCabe Marketing, Cultura

Cultura is one of the largest independent groups of agribusiness software companies in the world. Today, our portfolio provides comprehensive and innovative software solutions to agri-food companies in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Mexico, South Africa, and Australia.
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