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Deciding to sell your software company is not easy. Finding the right buyer is almost as difficult. If you seek a trusted buyer who understands agribusiness software, Cultura is the right choice. We can provide a permanent home for your business and help grow it to the next level.


When we acquire a business, we keep it forever. Unlike venture capital and private equity firms, Cultura takes a long-term view and never sells. We are loyal to our company leaders, their employees and their customers and can relieve them of the distraction of worrying about financing.

Decentralized Structure

We promote entrepreneurship and innovation, while offering guidance and stability. Our businesses are run by leaders who think like owners and control their own P&L. We value autonomy and agility over scale, with smaller teams operating in an entrepreneurial environment, focused around their customers.

Growth Focus

We encourage our companies to expand beyond their healthy core business. We incentivize them to re-invest cash flow into accelerating growth — organic growth first; then, complementary ‘tuck-in’ acquisitions that add value for customers.

Development Opportunities

As we grow, our people grow, too. We encourage employees to pursue new challenges and develop their careers with Cultura companies. We invest in talent development and host events for our present and future business leaders where they can learn from each other and share best practices.


We understand the complexities of creating and selling software into this vertical. Many of our companies have led their respective market segments for 25+ years, and their employees have deep-rooted agri-food domain experience that surpasses all others in excellence, commitment, and quality.

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