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Whether you need to handle the complexity of tracing every batch of raw material or identify the margin on every order line, whether you have one mill or twenty, Cultura has a proven, integrated mill management solution to meet your business requirements.

The solution supports effective use of data, increases productivity, reduces costs, and centralizes business processes to provide true business integration across single and multiple mill sites.

With easy data maintenance and functionality across all key areas including sales order processing, sales and marketing, purchasing and trading administration, formulation control, production management, stock control, and financial management, Cultura’s mill management solution enables you to enhance customer service, maximize margins, manage costs, and increase sales revenue.

“Cultura’s mill management solution enables you to enhance customer service, maximize margins, manage costs, and increase sales revenue.”

Features and Highlights

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Financials & Business Management

Maximize margins with system functionality that works with your business processes.

  • Manage mill overspend by identifying the variation between expected, formulated, and actual cost.
  • Increase confidence in pricing decisions with precise and flexible pricing tools and accurate calculation of ingredient costs.
  • Reduce effort by centralizing the management of cross-contamination rules, labeling and prescription processes in a multi-location environment, while lowering staff training costs and minimizing the impact of incorporating new legislation.
  • Reduce administration tasks and re-keying data with seamless integration to process control for real-time updates.
  • Capture weighbridge tickets directly from dispatching and reduce administration tasks and re-keying data with weighbridge integration.
  • Review customer and product profitability analysis directly from your desktop or mobile device.
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    Formulation Control

    Improve accuracy and efficiency of product, cost, and formula management with updates of formulations and analytical constituents via integration tools.

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    Production Management

    Reduce administration time with easier production planning, analysis, and reporting and optional ‘paperless’ order to dispatch processing.

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    Purchasing & Trading Administration

    Manage costs more effectively for a stronger bottom line.

  • Minimize risk and reduce ingredient costs with fully integrated sales forecasting, formulation and raw material purchasing.
  • Cut fuel and haulage costs with efficient delivery planning
  • Lower administration costs by electronically trading with your suppliers using our business-to-business solution.
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    Sales & Marketing

    Increase sales revenue with easy access to up-to-date information for improved decision making.

  • Monitor overall business activity by easily and reliably accessing information with powerful data mining tools.
  • Identify more opportunities and encourage customer retention by effectively accessing all your customer activity information in one place.
  • Accurately target your customers through effective marketing
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    Sales Order Processing

    Enhance customer satisfaction with tools to ensure improved accuracy, timeliness, and service.

  • Save time and reduce errors with highly funcitonal and interactive order entry
  • Proactively engage with your customers by predicting their future orders
  • Ensure deliveries are accurate, on time, and complete with improved visibility of the customer's requirements
  • Bring the whole organization closer to your customer with integrated customer account management
  • Provide your customers with 24/7 self service online access to account information, making it more accessible to review and create order transactions
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    Stock Control

    Access important transactional, availability, traceability and cost information to ensure efficient stock control over multiple locations.

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    Trace raw materials from point of entry to delivery onto farm.

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