M&A Advisors

We have a solid history of acquisitions that range in size, geographic location, and levels of complexity. As part of Consellation Software Inc, we have completed over 300 acquisitions to date, and we know how to get deals done quickly and efficiently. Our proven track record is a result of our expertise in the vertical market software space, and our ability to ensure a smooth acquisition process.

Low-Risk Transactions

Our Letters of Intent outline the assumptions that we make and provide transparency on what we are looking for during the due diligence process.

Efficient Closing

Given our experience and specialization in vertical market software, we can move quickly, even in difficult situations. We do almost all contracting, diligence and modeling in-house, to ensure a seamless process and minimize duplication.

Access to Funds

As an organization with ample liquidity to execute cash deals, we do not need to raise financing to close transactions.


Given our "buy and hold" philosophy, we emphasize strong alignment with vendors on future strategic plans for the business and engagement on this level early in the process.